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"If 12 World Renowned Experts Walked Into Your Living Room & Offered You The 'Secrets' They Used To Be Debt Free, Escape The Rat Race, Achieve Health and Wellness, and Live The Life Of Their Dreams, Would You Take 59 Measly Minutes Out of Your Busy Schedule To Listen To Them?"

"This is your once in a lifetime opportunity to learn the easiest, and quickest ways to transform your working life and personal life into a 'CommuteFromHome' lifestyle from 13 of the world's foremost wealth, health, time management, communication, goal achievement, and lifestyle authorities... for FREE!"

-Jonathan Kraft
Founder of the CommuteFromHome Intensive

This is a very Special Invitation for you join us for our FREE, LANDMARK, "Commute From Home Intensive"

This online, global event is about opening you up to a new paradigm of wealth, wellness and freedom from ever having to have a BOSS again.  This intensive is about how to have a truly fantastic and unbelievable life, while having a business, or a job, which lets you work from anywhere you want!

One of the best things about this event is that it requires no travel, no hotels, and no nights away from home!


Yes, it's time to throw away the old junk--
the stuff that doesn't work--and move on
to something that does.

The 12 featured experts--quietly collected from their offices, facilities and homes around the world--have agreed to participate in this event that will break you free of the tired, old-hat information and give you the "new story"--the story that is changing the lives of thousands and thousands of people (even as you read this...) the new paradigm of health, wellness, happiness, and wealth that comes in to you, regardless of where you currently are physically, mentally, emotionally, or financially.

What's best for you is that to discover these breakthroughs... you don't even have to leave your living room.

"A mind, once stretched by a new idea, never regains its original dimensions."
-Oliver Wendell Holmes

NOW... Let Us Introduce Our Extraordinary Guests!
The people who have been in the trenches, studying,
learning, teaching, exploring and discovering for you
the secrets to a new paradigm...

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Guest Speaker #1: This List Building Expert is the real deal. His strategies have helped many become wealthy and, as importantly, he shows you the strategies that will bankrupt you (you might have bought some of these online from some unscrupulous scumbag more interested in sucking out your cash than helping you succeed). He's in the trenches every day with real businesses, and brings his knowledge to the table to show what works, what doesn't, and most importantly how to tell the difference!
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Tellman Knudson:
Founder of ADHD Secrets and List Building Expert

Old Story:
Hard work, lots of hours, and running around in the rat race will leave you moving into a 1-level apartment with 3 roommates (and wife!) to cut rent costs.  The day you move in your ATM Card is declined when trying to buy a $7 sandwich at the local deli.  
New Story: $1,500,000+ in three years: building an online business, all from the "Tellmansion".  It is possible to have everything you want.  Make a commitment to get your mindset right, and learn the right steps to propel you exponentially quicker towards your dreams.

Why you have to be on Tellman's Call:

Tellman Knudson is someone you want to study like a hawk, and learn everything you can from. His unique understanding of the human mind, combined with marketing savvy and focus on results, enables him to teach and empower others to achieve breakthrough success in business and life. Let Tellman give you the edge like only he can."

--Matt Gill, Co-Founder NitroMarketing

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Guest Speaker #2: Hear from a woman is a truly powerful and incredible gift to the world.  Her experience in the Women's NBA, travel to over 30 countries, achievement of a doctorate degree, and as a well-known author, is of unimaginable benefit to all who hear from her. Few understand how to inspire, teach and transform people in a way that honors where they are, yet challenges them to move in the direction of their wildest dreams.
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Dr. Fran Harris: The Woman Who Can Do It All!
WNBA Champion, Author, Business and Life Coach, Television & Radio Personality, Filmmaker/Producer, Inspirational Speaker, Business Strategist, National Fitness Expert
Old Story:
 There are too many challenges and roadblocks to having success in life.  The hurdles are just too big.
New Story: Bring an open communication style, be accountable regarding your own growth areas, commit to doing the necessary steps, be serious about becoming successful from the inside out.  Through this you will absolutely attract more peace, passion, purpose & prosperity, and there are a few simple ways to be this attractive force...

Why you have to be on Dr. Fran's Call:

"For me, what distinguishes Fran Harris from other personal development coaches and business gurus is the fact that she is a woman of honesty and integrity. I have had the unfortunate occasion of meeting quite a few self-appointed leaders who fail to operate in these two principles, which, to me, are foundational. I believe that Fran Harris' personal commitment to maintaining high standards of honesty and integrity are the two factors that make her a success now and will ensure her continued success for many years to come."

-Andrea Smith: Women Entrepreneurs & Millionaires Challenge

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Guest Speaker #3: This man has helped hundreds of people achieve things which they previously thought were impossible.  His personal mission is to teach those who have no teacher, and to empower others with tools to liberate themselves from the chains of ignorance, poverty, and mediocrity by; restoring belief to those who have lost it, building dreams for those who sleep without them, vision in those who can no longer see, and faith within those who need its power.
Work from home - introduction of guest - commute from home top

C S Hughes: Success, One Step At A Time
Recognized leader in the world of personal development

Old Story: Living in poverty, waiting tables at Chili’s Grill and Bar.
New Story: You are a product (not a victim) of the past.  Your past does not have to equal your future.  You can raise yourself from poverty to wealth in less than 3 years through the application of some extremely simple principles.

Why you have to be on C S Hughes's Call:

"I was raised on property, so we were taught the necessity and value of hard and long work at a young age. I literally shoveled Manure for a job growing up. As I entered junior high, I can remember carrying with me big dreams and goals of being a professional baseball player and not ever having to shovel manure again in my life. However as I began to grow up, I found myself becoming very cynical about life and even bitter; I persuaded myself that I didn't want a life of great proportions.

Then I met CS Hughes. There was something different about him. He exhibited an excitement about life and success that most people sell off through the conditioning processes of life. Today, because of Mr. Hughes, I have bought back my dreams. I'm a better friend, I'm a better brother, I'm a better son, I'm just all-around better than I used to be, but not as good as I'm gonna be. I'm so thankful that I met CS hughes, and that I made a decision to walk a different path 4 years ago.

-Zion Lovingier

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Guest Speaker #4: This dynamic and engaging individual has spoken to groups about the value and importance of achieving harmonious communication within organizations, in one-on-one conversations, and within our own minds.  As a speaker to all kinds of groups, from Fortune 500 Companies like AT&T, to the Department of Defense, the American Small Business Coalition, and George Mason University, Misti's enthusiasm for what effective communication can do inside of an organization is truly remarkable.
Work from home - introduction of guest - commute from home top

Misti Burmeister: Enthusiasm and Knowledge on Fire 
Generational and Human Communication Expert
Old Story:
Communication and business are hard, especially when people are irrational and don't really listen to each other.  What's the point of working to communicate anyway?  And how do I get started having success, when I don't even know anyone to communicate with?
New Story:  Using effortless communication techniques, you add to your (and your company’s) bottom line. This helps you and/or your team to perform at their very best - all the time, every time!

Why you have to be on Misti's Call:

"I find that I am taking a more strategic approach to my conversations both internally and externally. While I am familiar with the skills and lessons discussed in these sessions, I have found that as a result of my time with Misti, I am now asking questions like "what do I hope to accomplish from this conversation" prior to beginning my dialogue. This tactic alone has had a noticeable impact on my communications professionally and personally. In addition, the coaching that she has provided in the way of time management and task preparation have allowed me to dramatically improve the efficiency level in my day to day activities. I would without a doubt recommend time with Misti as time well spent.”

Paul McRae
Client Business Manager, AT&T

"If your organization has a cut in its 'line', Misti is the Master Splicer you need."

Guy Timberlake
American Small Business Coalition

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Guest Speaker #5: Defying the common medical knowledge, this fitness professional's credentials are as vast and numerous as beads of sweat on steel mill worker's brow.  He helps people as a Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist (CSCS) through the National Strength and Conditioning Association (NSCA), is a Certified Athletic Trainer (ATC) through the National Athletic Trainer’s Association (NATA), a Certified Club Coach through United States Weightlifting (USAW), and is an IDEA Professional Level Personal Trainer. Kyle specializes in athletic performance enhancement, injury rehabilitation, and physique-transformation programs, and uses the power of the Internet to convey his message that all people can be healthy, wealthy, and powerful.
Work from home - introduction of guest - commute from home top

Kyle Battis: Health and Fitness Membership Site Guru
Founder of Ask The Fitness Expert

Old Story:
  Working with clients one-on-one helps them achieve great results.  It means a lot of time spent working hard and working slowly.
New Story: Packaging knowledge and giving you personalized systems, through the power of the Internet and technology, helps you achieve more results in a faster way.  You can help more people, earn more money, have more fun, and share your knowledge with an audience hungry for your message - and you can get these results from the comfort of your own home.

Why you have to be on Kyle's Call:

"I'v      k."


Cydelle Brown - Rockaway, New York

Work from home - introduction of guest - commute from home top
Guest Speaker #6: Never mind that Cindi Reeves is a mother of six, is active in her church, and is a public speaker.  She also has worked with her husband in several businesses, including building one of the largest mortgage companies in Northern Colorado (in the USA), AND they have also worked together building a large network marketing business all over the United States and Canada...
Work from home - introduction of guest - commute from home top

Cindi Reeves: Leveraged Income And Lessons Learned
Co-Owner of AACE Mortgage in Loveland, CO - Network Marketing Professional
Old Story:
One source of income is best.  By focusing in one business, where you call the shots, you will have your best chance of success
New Story: By leveraging the time and efforts of others, and giving them the tools, resources, and support that they need, you can have everything you desire in life.

Why you have to be on Cindi Reeves's Call:

"M ."

Jackie Mohanan - Comedian and Coach

Work from home - introduction of guest - commute from home top
Guest Speaker #7: At a young age, what can someone really accomplish?  Reed Floren is an example of a person who won't take no for an answer, and who pushes through all obstacles to really accomplish what life is all about: providing incredible value to each life you contact.  His call is one you really want to hear if you are at all interested in building and leveraging connections with powerful people...
Work from home - introduction of guest - commute from home top

Reed Floren: Joint Venture Expert
"The JV Broker"
Old Story:
Building a business by yourself is the best way to go, because being young, who's going to take you seriously anyway?
New Story: By becoming a broker and through the time, talent, contacts, and knowledge of other people, everyone gets where they want to go, and accomplishes their dreams, significantly faster.

Why you have to be on Reed's Call:

""My prediction is that within the next ten years, 'Reed Floren' will be a household name."

Mark Joyner
The "Godfather" of Internet Marketing

Work from home - introduction of guest - commute from home top
Guest Speaker #8:  Having been employed by some of the biggest business on the Internet, this next speaker understands working under pressure.  But she recently escaped the rat race, even though she still works a job.  How?  She meets people, connects them to tools and resources that will help them, and makes sure that they are all on the same page.  That's her primary job responsibility for HotTopicMedia (the business behind DoubleYourDating, the Altitude Conferences, and many other projects and businesses you've likely heard of).  And guess what?  She gets to do it all from home, or Madrid, or Buenos Aires, or anywhere else she wants to go.  But working from home provided some challenges that she had to overcome, and she now helps others do the same, while teaching them to be master networkers...
Work from home - introduction of guest - commute from home top

Emily Eberhard: HotTopicMedia Communications Guru
Connection and Communication Expert knowledgeable in E-commerce, email marketing, Google Adwords, developer community communications, affiliate marketing and direct marketing, web 2.0, blogs, and social networking
Old Story:
Connecting with other people is awkward and difficult.  How do you know what to say?  Maybe it would be easier to sit at home in your pajamas and send emails.
New Story: There are some simple ways to sort through the people you don't want to work with and to connect with those who are really aligned with you and where you want to go.  Plus, you can do it virtually from anywhere in the world, and still have the life you've always imagined.

Why you have to be on Emily's Call:

“Emily is one of the most talented individuals I have ever met. Her intelligence is razor sharp and yet she possesses the rare ability to understand and articulate sophisticated emotional concepts as well. Most importantly, I trust her completely - - and that is what moves me to offer her my very highest endorsement.”

Jon Michaels
CEO CGM Studios

Work from home - introduction of guest - commute from home top
Guest Speaker #9: This next speaker's expertise includes exercise, energy techniques, nutrition, and stress relief. He is the creator and author of a home workout program that gives you the tools to radically change your views on health and fitness and live an energetic and energized life. As a natural-born researcher, he has learned many different non-traditional approaches to solve very traditional fitness and health problems. He has helped thousands of people put these life-altering techniques and philosophies into daily practice.
Work from home - introduction of guest - commute from home top

Kevin Gianni: Researcher, Author and "Awesome Living" Expert
Author of "The Busy Person's Fitness Solution", holistic fitness expert, speaker, personal trainer and goal setting coach.
Old Story:
You always start strong only to fizzle out quickly a week or so later. You know what's good for you, but you just can't find the time and the motivation to do it. AND you don't possibly have TIME to put it together and finally get on track to lose some of the weight that -lately- has been piling on a little faster than usual.
New Story: You've been duped into thinking that the exercise, diet guidelines, calorie counters, and cardio are the most important thing in a weight loss program. Is there any coincidence that over the last 30 years -  when those programs were extremely popular (they still are!) - that we've gotten exponentially fatter! The Trim and Healthy Have Just as Little Time as You. Discover their secret and you can get what they have.

Why you have to be on Kevin's Call:

"Kevin changed my life. My body, lifestyle and attitude has changed. I now really look forward to exercising. I've also been eating REALLY well, and I'm making better choices altogether. I feel so good, so full of energy, I've been sleeping really well and waking up feeling refreshed (I haven't felt that way in a LONG time!) and that makes me want to keep on going. I'm also started to see my upper abs, which I've never seen in my life, and that also keeps me motivated. Kevin's program really helped to put me on the right track, and everything that's happened in my life since then has contributed to my success. Kevin really made a difference in my life - something I'll never forget. :) He's great!!!"

Lisa M., Yoga Instructor
Golden's Bridge, NY

Work from home - introduction of guest - commute from home top
Guest Speaker #10: This network marketing expert and voice professional (i.e. he gets paid to talk) specializes in working with individuals to create plans which will generate income and a passive lifestyle for generations to come. His message, delivered to thousands of people in audiences across the United States, has enabled audience participants to dream again, and to go out in the world realizing that the achievement of dreams is not only possible, but is probable.
Work from home - introduction of guest - commute from home top

Craig Falk: Network Marketing Professional
Former flight attendant turned business entrepreneur
Old Story: Count on your employer to take care of you long into your retirement.  They will value your 30 years of hard, dedicated service by taking care of you when you're done working.
New Story: How to build a "Plan B", so that you can stop working when you want to, have guarantees about your financial future (instead of hoping all will turn out okay) and most importantly, wake up without an alarm clock, getting up when you want to.

Why you have to be on Craig Falk's Call:


-Jack ,

Work from home - introduction of guest - commute from home top
Guest Speaker #11: Ann Sieg is known as a renegade network marketer.  She is taking the network marketing industry as a whole and turning it on its head with her unorthodox, but effective methods of building a network marketing business.  Regardless of the company, hundreds of people have built more solid and stable incomes in their network marketing businesses due to Ann's advice and support.
Work from home - introduction of guest - commute from home top

Ann Sieg: The Renegade Network Marketer
Old Story: Recruit your team from friends and family, as well as people you bump into on the street.  Sure, you may bug them, but who cares.
New Story:: Use the power of technology to kick butt and take names, build your own list, and really generate a business that will spin off income to you for years to come!

Why you have to be on Ann's Call:

"Ann Saved my life - personally and professionally!"

Work from home - introduction of guest - commute from home top
Guest Speaker #12: Even though he's only been building online for about three years, people have benefited extensively from the next speaker's willingness and ability to explain complex topics through simple videos and audios.  Hundreds have earned significant incomes on the Internet and improved the response to their messages because of the information he has shared, and tools he has freely given.
Work from home - introduction of guest - commute from home top

Joe Lavery: Knows The Information That You Must Have
Founder of Must Have Marketing
Old Story:
Having your car repossessed sucks.
New Story: There are powerful, clever, and closely guarded (some might even say 'secret') tips, techniques & strategies you should know when starting from scratch.  By doing these things, you can rapidly multiply your CASH flow as an Entrepreneur, and make the right decisions about what to do next.

Why you have to be on Joe Lavery's Call:

"Joe rocks my world!"

Fontina, Italy

Work from home - introduction of guest - commute from home top
Bonus Guest Speaker #13 (JUST ADDED!): Dk.
Work from home - introduction of guest - commute from home top

Ry    d
Cre     s
Ryan Lee
Old Story: You s.
New Story: Dis   d.

Why you have to be on This Call:

"A k!"

C  er

Work from home - introduction of guest - commute from home top
And Special Bonus Appearances By...

Gy - Inrt
Rs - Dn
Wle - Sd
Bvi - OrO
Work from home - introduction of guest - commute from home top

Here's How "CommuteFromHome" Works...

You will have access to each of the 12 expert presentations by phone for free. On the day of the presentation, you'll be given a phone number and a pin # to call in and to access the presentation. (Normal long distance charges may apply)

Because of the large volume of the program we're working to simultaneously play these calls on the Internet on a page where you can go and to and listen in.

Every week in the month of April, there will be 3 calls (plus a few bonuses!) and we recommend if you really want to be on the call, you call in early to make sure you secure your spot on the call.

Most Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: What If I Can't Make It On All Of These Calls?

A: Do the best you can! 1 out of 12 calls is better than 0 out of 12 calls, especially when it's FREE! Part of this new paradigm of information is to stop beating yourself up for not being able to do everything that "you're supposed to do". This is a fun event, full of great information, and if you pull just one nugget out of the whole event, then that's great.

Q: Why Did You Pick These People Specifically?

A: I (Jonathan Kraft) am in the process of a remarkable wealth-building, life-changing, healing, and growth journey.  Along the way I have met a ton of people!  Some get results and others don't. I picked people for this seminar that I knew could provide you with life changing information.

A Note from Jonathan:
"Hearing These Presentations Won't Just Change
Your Life, It Will Alter Your Very Understanding
of What Life Really Is... It Will Even Alter Your
Perceptions of Your Self"

When I started to put this program together and gather the experts that could reveal the secrets of living a work from home lifestyle, I wanted to set a completely different standard than any of the other online events I'd been a part of.

So, I established some specific rules...

With each expert presentation, at least 60 minutes of ready-to-use information will be shared, information that can really help you.  These presentations will be packed with information. They are NOT a pitch for speaker's book, their next seminar, or to sell their new program.  These are real seminars with real answers on how to gain financial and time freedom.  The sessions must teach you HOW to do it, what steps you must take, and WHAT to do with it once you have it. The bottom line is... I will absolutely end the call if I find someone is just pitching you, and I will find someone else who is willing and able to get you the information. It's about time someone delivered valuable content (content that can change your life) without selling you something.

I will only include the experts that teach information that really works. No theories ALLOWED, only tried and tested results.

I will DIG for cutting edge information that is not the everyday fluff you see in the major magazines and media outlets. If you like the world that is depicted in the mainstream media, in how it applies to you personally, and in its picture of the world as a whole, then stick with CNN for your information.

But if you ARE looking for something different...

If deep-down you know there must be better answers, better solutions, and a better way to live your life as a whole, then this is the place for you.

However, I have to warn you...
The CommuteFromHome intensive is not for everybody.

The information revealed here is what many have called a massive paradigm shift.

If you listen to one or all 12 of these seminars your life might change.

And... some people are ready for change and some are not.

IF you have a perfect body, never gain a pound, always sleep 8 hours a day, have plenty of money in your bank account, have all the time you could possibly want, and have a spectacular bill of health, that's awesome!  Congratulations, and this program may or may not be for you.

IF you are one of those very few people and blessed people who have all the energy, vitality, abundance, wealth, and joy you've ever desired, then this program is not for you.

But, IF there's a part of you
that craves more...

More joy...
More abundance...
More true wealth...
Better friendships...
Deeper and more effective communication...

Better health...
More peace...
More wellbeing...

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*Too Good To Be True ALERT!*
*Too Good To Be True ALERT!*

You might be thinking: "Wait, before I share my email with you, I gotta ask. Why is this free? There's no free lunch in life, so what's the catch?"

My Answer: "Well, maybe that's part of this new paradigm... That there are a lot more people out there willing to give of their time to help others. These experts are committed to improving the world and improving people's lives. They're so passionate about what they do, they'll climb mountains to share their information.

"I don't BS you here, there will be elements of this program available for purchase, from copies of the CD's, to transcripts, to individual speakers offering more of what they have available (but only AFTER they've delivered AT LEAST 60 minutes of info, so you'll know right when you can hang up if you're not interested!)

"But, I promise you that you can get all the life changing information you need, to radically change the results you're getting, for free."

Part of this new paradigm that we're shifting into involves using this incredible tool, the Internet, to share information which has the ability to change your life and the world as a whole. I believe (and hope you will join me) that this is a step along the way to peace, happiness and prosperity for humankind.

So, You're Interested in What These Incredible Speakers Have To Say...

You Recognize That This Information
Can Change Your Life.

Here's What You Have To Do:

Use your First Name and Primary Email as your password - and click the “Free Work From Home Access” button to enter. (All information is kept 100% confidential). You then will receive immediate instructions on how you can access the calls and the expert schedule...

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